Commercial Contract Bonds

Not every contractor has to build things, pave roads or lay water lines. Surety One is VERY interested in your service contract performance bond needs. These performance bonds, like those for traditional “sticks and bricks” projects, guarantee that you will fulfill your contractual obligations as per the terms of your contract. Generally, this program is focused on manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers (supply contractors) who sell and install specific products or provide specific services. Examples, …

  • Cleaning/Janitorial services
  • Facilities management
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation services (busing)
  • Security guard contracts
  • Fuel suppliers
  • D.o.D. suppliers
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Educational services
  • Healthcare sevices
  • Moving services
  • Window cleaning services

Application Materials Checklist

Please devote some time and effort into organizing and submitting your application. Incomplete performance bond submissions do not help you. Informal financial statements (compilations) are only acceptable for very small bond requests. Tax returns are NOT financial statements and are never acceptable in lieu of the same. Clear, professionally prepared contract surety applications GET ATTENTION